“Palace: ‘Les Mis’ Vital song Inspired Duterte’s ‘Strike’ Comment vs. Frontliners”

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte’s remarks to the front liners about their supposed “revolution” originated from a song in the musical “Les Miserables” sung by government critics.

Duterte’s, in a taped speech on Sunday, told the front liners not to “demean” the government and threatened to stage a “revolution” against him after they had made public their criticism of the government’s COVID-19 response.

Several actors made a version of the “Can You Hear the People Sing” musical? “It debuted at the same time as last week’s fifth State of the Nation Address to the President  Duterte’s. But apart from the album, Roque questioned why the President was the last to hear about the demands of the medical front liners to the government.

Where the President came from was that, while he was offering what the front liners wanted, he was asking why he was the last one to ask about their demands. Health front liners called for a “time out” over the weekend to get Mega Manila back under tougher quarantine, as COVID-19 cases continue to grow.

In a letter to the President, the medical front liners claimed that “time out” should be used to improve the COVID-19 response strategies, including patient labor performance, failure to classify and isolate incidents, failure to monitor touch, and quarantine, among others. The letter was received at 4 p.m. But there was a public webinar at ten o’clock in the morning. A day earlier, a media report was demanded. The letter to the President had already been circulated before it had been opened.

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