On Independence Day, Duterte wishes a ‘truly independent Philippines’


MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte called on Filipinos to desire for a truly independent Philippines as the nation celebrates its 121st Independence Day.

Duterte said in a statement released early Wednesday, “A hundred and twenty-one years has passed since our forefathers bound their fates, their lives and their fortunes to proclaim the independence of the Filipino people.”

“It was the most significant event in our country’s history. Not only did we put an end to more than three centuries of subservience but we also resolved to determine the course of our own destiny as a nation,” it added.

The President also prompts Filipinos the sacrifices made to ensure the country’s freedom.

“But the freedom we achieved back then was not without cost. The tree of liberty blossomed on these lands because it was nourished by the sweat and blood of our patriots, heroes and martyrs,” the President said.

“Let us commit ourselves to ensure that their sacrifices have not been in vain and that their dream of a truly independent Philippines – whose people live freely in a secure, stable and prosperous society – will be achieved within our lifetimes.”

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