Not enough workload caused USCIS to shut down Manila office, says embassy


US embassy spokesperson Molly Koscina stated on Thursday that inadequate workload triggered the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to close its office in Manila on July 5.

Koscina stated the embassy would shoulder responsibility for some of the immigration services previously provided by the USCIS field office in Manila.

“USCIS will close the Manila Field Office on July 5, 2019, due to insufficient workload,” Koscina stated.

“USCIS will transition Forms I-407 and I-130 to domestic and electronic processing, respectively. These two form types account for approximately 65% of the office’s workload,” she added.

The embassy dispensed a statement after the USCIS in Manila stopped accepting family visa applications, foreign adoptions and citizenship petitions on May 31.

“Under an existing inter-agency agreement, the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines will assume responsibility for certain limited immigration services previously provided at this location by USCIS,” Koscina added.

Individuals who assisted beforehand by the Manila office of USCIS were given instructions on filing petitions and applications.

Koscina stated the USCIS office in Mexico would also close on June 30, 2019 and that the agency had “entered into discussions to phase out all international offices.”

USCIS spokesperson Jessica Collins noted that there were roughly 70 USCIS employees working in 23 international field offices located across the globe.

“If such an agreement is finalized, USCIS staff currently working at international field offices would return to the United States at the appropriate time and in a responsible way to ensure a smooth transition,” Collins concluded.

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