New love team sails: Why ‘ JoshNella ‘ has become internet top trend


During the television broadcast of ABS-CBN’s gothic romance “The Killer Bride,” a fresh boat sailed, at least according to several trends on Twitter Thursday night.

The pairing or “boat,” as fans call it is between first-time co-stars Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador, who play Elias and Emma in the primetime series.

“The Killer Bride’s” episode on Thursday saw their characters introduced with the arrival of the mysterious Emma in Las Espadas ‘ hometown of Elias.Emma, who was suggested by Camila (Maja Salvador) as a possession ship, moved from Manila to Las Espadas for a career as a mortuary maker.

Meanwhile, Elias has close connections to the family of Vito dela Cuesta (Geoff Eigenmann), the former love of Camila whose testimony to the tribunal resulted in her imprisonment several years earlier.

Sparks fly to the first gathering of Elias and Emma instantly. The appeal emerged instantly to the characters, and palpable to the fans, the chemistry between the performers.

Several terms linked to “The Killer Bride” and its new cast members ranked among the trending topics on Twitter during and well after the episode.

On top of the episode’s official hashtag, “Janella,” “Elias,” “Emma,” “JoshNella,” and “Las Espadas” also became trends.Garcia and Salvador observed that they had received countless projects aimed at pairing them to give way to their more tested, corresponding love teams at the moment, which eventually would not push through.

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