New eats: Chef Rob Pengson returns with a 10-course tasting menu for P1,200


MANILA — Celebrity chef Rob Pengson, who formerly helmed The Goose Station’s pricey ‘degustacions’, is currently offering one of the bang-for-the-buck (if not ‘the’ most affordable) 10-course tasting menus in Manila.

So, if you fancy a 10-course for only a P1,200? In Poblacion’s Esqinita, that’s 100% possible.

Hailing itself a modern carinderia, Esqinita, off Makati Avenue at P. Guanzon Street in Poblacion, serves up hip versions of familiar Pinoy dishes to trendy Poblacion habitues.

“The plan for this space is three concepts. Esqinita is our Filipino concept, followed by Beso-beso, which is a tapas bar, and upstairs is an izakaya called Moto Moto, [serving] sushi and steak,” said Pengson.

Esqinita launched in April, while Beso-beso opened in May.

Nearly a number of the servings were for 2-3 diners. Esqinita serves lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday, dinner only on Saturdays, and lunch only on Sundays.

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