Negros Security ‘ under control’ : PNP


MANILA- The Philippine National Police assured Filipinos Monday that, despite a spate of killings in the area, the security situation on Negros Island was “under control.” Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac, PNP spokesman, allayed safety issues in Negros, stating that there is nothing to worry about.

Negros Oriental’s condition is under control. There’s nothing to worry about from our countrymen. They can continue their ordinary life, their livelihoods and their tourism.)he told reporters.

Concerns about safety in Negros were raised following the violent killing of four officers last July 18 in Ayungon City, Negros Oriental. Shortly afterwards a spate of murders in the province followed.

Police detained 2 suspected insurgents last Saturday, supposedly related to the killing of the four police officers. Police previously said there were about 11 suspects engaged in the killing of police officers.

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