MWSS commits to Duterte: Water shortage will be settled

MWSS commits to Duterte: Water shortage will be settled

MWSS, the Philippines’ water watchdog stated Monday it committed to President Rodrigo Duterte that it would ascertain the water crisis affecting tens of thousands of consumers.

Malacañang ordered the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System earlier to mandate that concessionaires Manila Water and Maynilad release more water from the reservoirs. Duterte’s spokesman stated officials who fail to obey would be held liable.

“MWSS understood very well the instructions of the President. We will comply. I assured the president, through the Secretary, we assured him that this problem can be settled at the MWSS level,” administrator Reynaldo Velasco cited at a press briefing.

Maynilad, unabated by the shortage hampering Manila Water, will partake some of its allocation to its rival concession. Maynilad president Ramoncito Fernandez said five more points of cross boarder transfers needed slight pipe works.

At this time, 11 barangays are left without supply, fewer from 56 villages last week. Manila Water President Ferdinand Dela Cruz said the company is “far ahead” of its target to reestablish 99 percent availability by the end of the month.

Dela Cruz added, “We are working very hard to achieve this.”

Water Tanks supplying water to affected areas were brought down to 140 from 230, an “indication” that supply has enhanced, Dela Cruz noted.

Manila Water is also closely monitoring the La Mesa Dam which could reach a critical level of 65 meters. When the inevitable happens, Rodriguez, San Mateo and Montalban in Rizal will be affected.

“We are watching that closely because that plant produces 80 to 100 million mld (million liters per day). We will have to prepare for contingency,” he concluded.

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