Movie review: “Hello, Love, Goodbye” is more than a tale of love

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Joy operates in Hong Kong as a national helper (DH). Joy also actively engages in her buy-and-sell company every Sunday to increase her income, and even takes on a second job as a waitress at night

She desperately requires money not only to send back home, but also to finance her dream of flying off to Canada to practice nursing, her initial course.

When she met and fell in love with the charismatic bartender Ethan, Joy was confronted with a critical decision as to whether to stay for love or leave to follow her dreams.

Once again, Kathryn Bernardo worked with the same intensity of acting that won her last year’s Best Actress Award for “The How s of Us” to depict Joy. Because of her intense devotion to her family, Joy was a joyless individual focused only on fulfilling her dreams of putting her family back together again. Even if she was in the business of her kooky DH mates, Joy scarcely smiled a no-nonsense workaholic whose pursuit of earning cash was spent every minute of the day.

Because Bernardo was practically throughout the film in severe heavy drama mode, it was up to Richards to stir up the equation’s romance portion. In fact, this film was more of a car for Richards to show his versatility in acting to a fresh set of Kapamilya fans who were previously unfamiliar with him and his skills.

The funny friends of Joy, Sally, Gina and Mary Dale were performed by Kakai Bautista, Lovely Abella, and Maymay Entrata. The funny friends of Ethan, Jhim and Carlo were performed by Joross Gamboa and Jeffrey Tam. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan returns to the big screen as Joy’s mother Lita, who worked as a DH in Hong Kong before Joy did, while William Lorenzo played her father Celso left back home.

Due to its present political unrest, traveling to Hong Kong may not be precisely the best idea now, but this film reminded us why the lovely cinematography was a favourite honeymoon destination care. The romantic musical soundtrack, like other Filipino rom-coms, also set the appropriate mood of their scenes.

Director Cathy Garcia-Molina is really a master between her stars on how to create romantic thrills. Regardless of how cheesy the lines may appear on paper, they operate when you hear them in the real scene.

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