Modern jeepney drivers complain about a P2 million price tag

ge is about Modern jeepney drivers

On Tuesday, the Department of Transportation recommended that riders bind themselves into a cooperative or company in order to apply to the government for support to buy contemporary Jeepneys, which will substitute existing Jeepneys on the highway under the PUV Modernization Program of the govt.

Some riders have challenged one of the new cars with the 2 million PM price tag.

After saving P60,000 for a secondhand car, Palad purchased his present jeepney in 1997.

The DOTr report says that the drivers may apply for public subsidies through the formation of cooperatives, including P80,000 economic support, as well as loans from Landbank and the Philippines development bank.

Several transport organizations went through an anti-Jeepney modernization national strike.

A more eco-friendly euro 5 diesel, GPS and a fare collection scheme are used by the new contemporary jeepney. PM Jeepney, a company comprising members of the Pasang Masda transport group, is the first to run contemporary cars.

PM Jeepney was able to purchase units for P1.8 million of a contemporary jeep.

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