MMDA to remove EDSA bus terminals by June


17 mayors of Metro Manila’s signed a resolution barring the issuance of business permits to bus firms operating these terminals, according to MMDA chairman Danilo Lim.

“Our direction is to remove all bus terminals along EDSA and relocate them to the outskirts of the metro to minimize traffic congestion,” Lim stated during a Metro Manila Council (MMC) assembly in Makati City yesterday. The MMC are composed of Metro Manila mayors and acts as the MMDA’s policy-making body.

Lim cited the local chief execs are central to the exclusion of the terminals “since they are the ones issuing the permits needed to operate” the terminals, which are considered business establishments.

Lim also added the MMDA will endorse to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board the closure of the bus terminals next month.

MMDA showed the Metro Manila mayors in the two-page resolution that it was the President who ordered the closure of all bus terminals on EDSA.

Jojo Garcia, MMDA general manager said they will conduct a dry run of the strategic closure shortly after the Holy Week in April to prepare bus firms and commuters.

Bong Nebrija of the MMDA, stated the agency will also impose a speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour on the metropolis’ major roads.

He said the implementation of the speed limit will come after the resolution is published in major newspapers in the country.

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