Microsoft is joining the ethical artificial intelligence project


Microsoft announced an investment of $1 billion in an artificial intelligence ethical OpenAI project supported by Elon Musk and Amazon from Tesla.

The partnership will focus on creating advanced AI models on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform while adhering to shared morality and trust values, the firms said in a joint release.

OpenAI and Microsoft have demonstrated a vision of working with individuals on artificial general intelligence (AGI) to assist address daunting issues like climate change.

OpenAI Chief Executive Sam Altman stated that the objective of the effort is to enable safe and secure deployment of artificial intelligence and widespread distribution of its financial advantages.

Microsoft will become the preferred partner established as part of the initiative to market fresh artificial intelligence supercomputing systems.

AI is one of today’s most transformative techniques and has the ability to help address many of the most urgent problems facing our world.

By combining the breakthrough technology of OpenAI with fresh Azure AI supercomputing systems, our goal is to democratize AI.

A joint declaration observed that OpenAI is producing a series of increasingly powerful AI systems, requiring a great deal of capital for computing power and that the arrangement with Microsoft would assist market these products.

OpenAI was introduced in 2015 with funding from tech entrepreneur Musk, LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel, a technology-active co-founder of PayPal with Musk, an ally of President Donald Trump.

Musk and others warned that if mismanaged, artificial intelligence could pose risks to humanity, allowing the potential emergence of a terminator-type killer robot

Earlier this year, OpenAI scientists announced that they had created an automatic generator of text using artificial intelligence to keep information private.

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