Michael Pacquiao, son of famous Filipino boxer making a name for himself

Michael Pacquiao

While he’s the son of boxing hero and Senator Manny Pacquiao, up-and-coming rapper Michael Pacquiao has revealed that he wants to prove he can make a name for himself. Michael Pacquiao recently surprised us with his rapping talent when he performed his “Hate” song for Wish 107.5 radio station. The video, uploaded to YouTube, has received nearly nine million views, from this writing.

He shared that He honestly wanted to prove himself in the album. And felt that way in the album, Hate. After his show was a success, Michael Pacquiao asked how his parents reacted, saying they we ‘re very proud. They are happy. In fact, he stated that they give something to congratulate him.

The young man feels that it’s very amazing how it has reached millions in a couple of days, even stating that he is not expecting the song to be a success with the audience. Nevertheless, he accepted the disappointment of those who said it was because of his last name that the only reason his song was a success.

He then shared his intention to give back to his parents, saying he just wants to work hard because his dad has worked hard for what he has [done] as a boxing champion for how many years already; even for their family. That’s why he wants to do the same — to work hard for what he wants to have and give it back to his mom and dad because they have done so much for them.

Here we can see that despite everything that’s happening, there are still people who choose to look forward and work on their dreams. A good example that the youth should take a person who came from a well-known family because of his dad, Manny Pacquiao — this was never a hindrance to work on something to prove his name and ability too.

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