Metro Manila is the world’s worst city to ride in for the second straight year

This image is about the world's worst city to ride

A September 2019 navigation software study by Waze found that because of the traffic woes in the country, Filipinos will need five minutes to travel a one-kilometer stretch of road.

This figure increases the possibility that Metro Manila will be named the worst city in the world to drive in for the second year in a row.

The Development Authority of Metro Manila (MMDA) pointed to the number of vehicles as the source of traffic.

An estimated 405,000 vehicles are currently flying EDSA on a daily basis.

Due to the holiday season, Waze data shows that this number rises by 10 percent in November and December, with most motorists heading to shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, banks, and grocery stores.

Last year, the weekend before Christmas was the busiest time for supermarkets in the country.

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