Maynilad warns of service interruptions


Maynilad Water Services Inc. yesterday advised of “rotational service interruptions throughout its concession area” once regulators reduced supply when water level at Angat Dam went down to the critical low of 160 meters above sea level (masl).

As told by the monitoring of PAGASA, the stock of water at Angat Dam was at 161.78 masl at 6 a.m. of June 18, down by 0.61 meter from 162.33 masl a day before.

The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) forecast that Angat level would be at 160 masl by this weekend.

Maynilad issued in a statement that “The NWRB announced that it will reduce allocation for the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) once water level in Angat Dam dips to 160 meters.”

Sevillo David, NWRB executive director stated on Monday that distribution of raw water to MWSS—which is in turn treated by Maynilad and Manila Water Co. Inc. to produce potable water—had been reduced to 46 cubic meters per second from 48 cu. m effective June 1 on account of the continuous reduction of Angat’s stock.

“At an allocation below 46 (cu. m), Maynilad will be constrained to implement rotational service interruptions throughout its concession area to maximize the limited supply and ensure that all customers will have some water supply, even within a few hours daily,” the company stated.

The West Zone concessionaire furthered that it had measures in place to alleviate the impact of this reduced allocation.

Included are the extension of operating hours of our pumping stations, prompt repair of pipe leaks and reactivation of deep wells, among others.

“If necessary, Maynilad will send out mobile water tankers and install static water tanks for severely affected areas,” the company added.

As well yesterday, Manila Water distributed a service advisory that it would be applying rotational water service interruptions for the entire East Zone.

The advisory read, “Despite the rains we have been experiencing these past days, the water level at Angat and Ipo Dams continue to decline, thereby affecting water availability and our ability to refill our reservoirs. The (NWRB) will reduce allocations for the water concessionaires. Release of raw water in Angat (yesterday) will just be 38 cu. m per second instead of 48 cu. m.”

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