Maynilad assures public it is not taking away water supply from Manila Water

Maynilad assures public it is not taking away water supply from Manila Water

Maynilad, in a statement released Sunday, Maynilad clarified it does not acquire its water supply from La Mesa Dam and in turn, not taking away water supply from Manila Water. They also clarified the issue of the bypass gate, which it said is fully controlled by Manila Water.

“We wish to inform the public that Manila Water, which totally controls this bypass gate, has opened it since February 2018. This bypass gate regulates the flow of water from the La Mesa portal to both the La Mesa Dam and to the Balara Water Treatment Plants, all of which are controlled by Manila Water. MWSS has nothing to do with this bypass gate,” Maynilad added.

“Manila Water has been getting its full allocation of 1,600 million liters per day (mld) from Angat Dam. Maynilad has not done and will not do anything to deprive Manila Water of its 1,600 mld allocation,” they further stated.

A bypass valve that splits water from reservoirs sandwiched between the capital’s two water suppliers is open, an MWSS official stated Friday in response to a social media post. He is confident of government actions on shortage that has affected tens of thousands.

The bypass valve splits the 4,000 mld from the reservoir between Manila Water and Maynilad Water Services Inc. in a 60-percent on Manila Water against 40-percent on Maynilad, MWSS chief regulator stated.

The capacity is topped at 4,000 mld due to infrastructure limits as Manila Water gets 1,600 mld, while Maynilad gets 2,400 mld.

Maynilad opened the first of five surplus valves intended to supply water to Manila Water in a bid to alleviate the water crisis now besetting the latter’s concession zone. Maynilad earlier arranged to share 50 million liters of water per day with Manila.

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