Manny Pacquiao to star in Hollywood WWII film

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According to a top executive of the film’s company, Inspire Entertainment, Sen. Manny Pacquiao will be featured in an upcoming Hollywood movie named “Freedom Fighters.”

Pacquiao will portray Col. Macario Peralta Jr., a member of the resistance of the Philippine guerrillas to Japan during World War II on Panay Island.

The project is based on one Louise Spencer’s memoirs, an American who lived during the war in a community called “Hopevale.” A group of Americans who stayed in the Philippines to assist Peralta and his forces during the Japanese occupation established the community.

Inspire Studios will produce the movie together with a “big US studio,” as reported today, Oct. 17, in a statement sent to Francis Ho, Inspire Studios chief executive, said the company is currently in talks with other studios in Hollywood and the Philippines.

Apart from assuming Peralta’s role, Pacquiao is expected to be the star in an upcoming biopic on Gen. Miguel Malvar as the titular character.

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