“Manila Mayor, Isko Moreno Grants Hotel Owners Tax Incentives for Giving Healthcare Frontliners Free Rooms”

Isko Moreno

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has turned over P100,000 in tax credit certificates to owners of hotels, motels, dormitories, and apartments who offered free accommodation for medical frontline staff based in the capital city.

Isko Moreno stated that the tax credit is a “token of appreciation” for the services given by hotel owners to health workers who have risked their lives to treat patients infected with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the city.

In fact, with the story behind this, they came up with (the tax credit) after consultation with Licenses Division manager Atty. Paul Vega and Bureau of Permits director Levi Facundo. Under Manila City’s Ordinance No. 8646, the tax credit may be extended on all types of local business income, administrative fees, and facilities including the required surcharge and penalty interests.

It can be recalled that Moreno issued Executive Order No. 17 which required hotels and motels in Manila to provide free accommodation for medical workers assigned in Manila. Data from the Bureau of Permits revealed that over 1,000 healthcare employees earned free rooms following the mayor’s executive order. Admitting that P100,000 is not enough, the mayor said it is the local government’s way to provide incentives for the owners’ services.

Aside from this, Moreno said medical front liners are willing to offer back not just to the accommodation operators but also the entire city via a free drive-thru and walk-in mass COVID-19 testing centers.

This kind of leadership that appreciates and guides a city will surely bring restoration and a healthy environment. To better days, Manila.

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