Malacañang: No arrangements for relocation of Pinoys in Wuhan, China yet

Wuhan City

There are no plans yet to evacuate Philippines located in Wuhan City, China’s epicenter for the novel coronavirus outbreak

Fifty-six people have been confirmed dead, while the new coronavirus strain has caused close to 2,000 people to fall ill across the world.

The government can not force Filipinos in the region to return to the Philippines, given their jobs, according to Panelo.

Identified in December, the coronavirus outbreak caused concern because it is still too early to know how harmful it is and how easily it spreads among people. And because it’s new, human beings couldn’t develop any immunity to it.

In an effort to curb the spread of the disease, China has implemented an “unprecedented” lockdown of certain cities with populations in the millions.

In other nations, including the US, cases have occurred, with three cases so far; Japan, with four; and France, with three. Lunar New Year celebrations were postponed in Paris.

Three Chinese children are currently under observation at a hospital in Aklan in the Philippines, while hundreds of Chinese tourists are scheduled to fly back to China in the province.

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