Makati to inspect all buildings after accident in PBCom Tower

Makati to inspect all buildings after accident in PBCom Tower

An elevator accident at the PBCom Tower that got 16 people hurt because of a faulty braking system impelled the Makati City government to order an inspection of all buildings in the central business district Friday, March 1.

Makati Command Control and Communication Center (C3), stated it received a telephone call from JC Roldan, an operator at PBCom, about the faulty emergency brake of the elevator. He called at around 10:54 p.m. informing C3 of the incident and requested assistance for 17 elevator passengers who suffered from shakiness and minor injuries.

Another report claims the elevator was overloaded with 28 passengers while it was descending PBCom Tower. Reports said the passengers may have repetitively pressed the buttons, triggering the malfunction. From the 47th floor the elevator accelerated and stopped at every floor. Yet passengers could not get off because the door closed rapidly at each floor.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC), among the responders to the accident, said those hurt only sustained minor injuries.

Makati Mayor Abby Binay ordered the Office of the Building Official (OBO) to examine all elevators in the city for compliance with the safety requirements in the National Building Code of the Philippines in response to the said accident.

“I would like to reiterate to building owners and administrators that it is their responsibility to ensure that all elevators in their building are well-maintained,” Binay stated.

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