LOOK: Oil spill in Davao del Norte river

LOOK: Oil spill in Davao del Norte river

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has gathered at most, over 30 drums of oil mixture as well as hundreds of bags of contaminated solid waste from a river near Carmen town, Davao del Norte.

The PCG stated Friday, March 6, that based on its analysis that the oil spill came from the Davao Packaging Corporation (DAPACOR) property near Ising River.

PCG Spokesperson Cpt. Armand Balilo stated that the previous Wednesday, the PCG acknowledged a report of an oil spill incident at the DAPOCOR facility of about 10,000 liters of blended fuel.

A dispatched team of the Marine Environmental Protection Unit and Coast Guard District South Eastern Mindanao went to the site to substantiate and manage the oil spill. The PCG said a team from DAPOCOR was seen on site ahead of the incident.

Teams used two oil spill booms to contain the oil. DAPACOR sent further 77 employed staff that are all residents of a nearby town to help in the ongoing containment.

Balilo stated the urgency was to contain the spill afterwards a probe will be conducted to hold the responsible liable.

“After the containment, we will conduct investigation to check on the liability of the spiller,” he concluded.

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