Lives Over Possessions

Human life

Human life is more important than possessions, Agoncillo’s mayor, Batangas said Monday.

Mayor Daniel Reyes made the remark in the midst of his constituents ‘ plea to be allowed to return home to retrieve their belongings or feed their livestock in the midst of Taal Volcano’s menace.

Reyes reiterated that Agoncillo lies in the danger zone of the Taal Volcano.

Earlier, Reyes ‘ constituents went to their town’s entrance hoping they would be allowed back in.

Agoncillo has been one of the areas on lockdown following last week’s Taal Volcano phreatic eruption.

Reyes said more than 8,000 residents of Agoncillo are currently taking shelter in evacuation centers while more than 33,000 others are taking shelter of their friends or relatives ‘ homes.

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