Legal Rims Against Divorce

Legal Rims Against Divorce

Couples in the Philippines do not need divorce law as there are already legal remedies for divorce.

Fr. Jerome Secillano says there are many ways to separate a couple from disagreeing and not with the easy divorce.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday commenced deliberations on measures aimed at introducing full divorce and annulment of marriage in the Philippines.

Secillano said the Catholic church also helps couples legally separate if all efforts to reconcile their differences fail.

He said low-income couples who want to get divorced can get the free expression of marriage through ‘pauper’s litigation’ that can be asked in their local churches.

Furthermore, the priest said that the country should not be forced to have a divorce law simply because the available measures are in all other countries except Vatican City.

He said the House Committee on Population and Family Relations should instead introduce legislation that would help build union and spouses’ relationships.

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