Just food? Regine Velasquez hits Locsin over clam remark

Regine Velasquez and Teodoro Locsin

Filipina musician Regine Velasquez disapproved of Foreign Affairs Chief Teodoro Locsin Jr. remark on Thursday on clams amid reports of mass harvesting by Chinese vessels near Scarborough Shoal.

The Philippine’s top diplomat in a tweet posted that the Department of Foreign Affairs is looking into the report, but noted that he would not be known as a “clam defender,” since these are “just f**kng food.”

Several Filipino fishermen have stated that the Chinese Coast Guard drives them away from the resource-rich shoal while wooden trawlers bearing the Chinese flag extract giant clams there.

Velasquez responded to Locsin, saying the issue is not just about food but about the Philippine territory.

“I thought you were smart. I am just a simple person with a simple mind. These people are invading our territory, they are not just taking food, they are destroying our ocean.” she said.

Locsin called out to Velasquez that the shoal is not part of Philippine territory but only of its exclusive economic zone.

Locsin previously said Manila will take legal action against Beijing over its alleged mass harvesting of giant clams in the shoal.

Under Republic Act 9522 or the Philippine Baselines Law, Scarborough Shoal is part of the Philippines.

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