Julia publicly supports Mom Marjorie in the middle of Barretto’s feud

This image is about Julia publicly supports Mom Marjorie

Young actress Julia Barretto publicly expressed support for her mother, Marjorie, following a recorded scuffle at the wake of the family patriarch, Miguel, in the midst of an escalating feud between members of the Barretto showbiz clan.

Julia, 22, posted her message about the incident on Wednesday, October 16, and Major’s Instagram post about “telling the truth”

Julia, the second eldest of the five children of Marjorie, was reportedly present at The Heritage Park in Taguig when the physical confrontation took place.

She was also said to be on the wake the following night when Marjorie was targeted by Claudine’s camp on Thursday, resulting in the hospitalization of Claudine.

Julia posted on her instagram to comfort and cheer up her mother.

Julia did not mention the aunts Gretchen and Claudine directly in her comments.

Claudine, who had also been isolated from Gretchen for a while, was a constant presence in the latter’s life after reconciling early this year.

In April, the two made public that they were left out of Marjorie’s eldest child, Dani Barretto’s wedding. Having helped raise her with Marjorie, Claudine and Gretchen have blamed their daughter for allegedly being ungrateful.

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