Joyce Pring says that the stint “UnangHirit” came in a dire time; speaks about insomnia, depression

This image is about Joyce Pring

Joyce Pring has been on the Unang Hirit of GMA News for a year now, and the sight of the funny and talented host in the morning brought joy to many viewers.

Joyce shared a picture of her old blonde self in a post on Instagram with a heartfelt message about how happy she was to be part of the UH family.

In her thanks, Joyce also revealed that the hosting stint came at a not-so-joyful time in her life.

Joyce shared that when she was driving at night, there were times she would deal with insomnia and feel anxiety.

Unang Hirit is not just another project or television show she is hosting in for Joyce.

She stated that it was a lifeline that God threw at the right time to keep her from sinking; to remind her of His love and His grace and His mercy and protection, most saturated in people and teams and adventures that she could only witness in Unang Hirit and because of it.

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