Johnnie Walker brings legacy with a unique compilation ahead of the 200th year


Over the years, as it has been for the whole globe, Johnnie Walker has been an essential component of many Filipino festivities.

This year, Johnnie Walker celebrates its omnipresence with its Vintage Design Pack Collection, as the Red, Black, Double Black and Gold Label Reserve whisky variants are packaged in boxes covered in designs inspired by the 1920s, 1970s, 1990s and late 2010’s respectively.

The launch of the collection at the swanky Alpha bar top had participants partying “like it’s 19XX” with separate bars and room enclaves representing the vintage models.

Upon joining, the first floor was converted into a vintage speakeasy with live jazz music and clothing designs in The Great Gatsby. This set-up is a nod to the Vintage box design by Johnnie Walker Red as it relives the opulence and old-school grandeur of the 1920s with the striding man wearing a flashy red coat with gold accents. Cocktails like the Johnnie Ward, a concoction of citrus flavors with whisky using the Red Label.

When the elevator opened on the top floor, you’re welcomed with a lovely coat attendant prepared to assist you dress up for the party with the many accessories on hand for visitors, whether you required a feather boa, funky sunglasses, or a cool neon belt, that corridor had you covered.

Moving to the left brings you to the primary region where a DJ booth and an LED dance floor were flanked by two bars. Helmed by former resident DJ Nicky Siano from NY Studio 54, this area also hosted performances from August Wahh, Crwn, Jess Connelly, Emel Rowe, and Sam Nicole throughout the night.

Understated and elegant, these bars featured Johnnie Walker Black Label’s boxes built in the 1970s. The design was all about easy layouts, geometric patterns, and bright but silent colors. Partygoers could appreciate their Black label neat in these bars or in cocktails like the Johnnie Soda, which mixed Black Label with lime soda.

Due to altering neon lighting, the DJ spinning electronica beats, and the decadent candy spread packed with nostalgic sweets, the room allocated to the Double Black was packed with frenetic energy. In sharp comparison to the space, the Double Black box structure requires inspiration from the screens of the’ 90s analog devices, using design components such as the static or play icon on those screens.

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