Japan’s typhoon death rate rises to 74, rescuers are searching for missing persons

This image is about Japan's typhoon death rate

Rescues staff in Japan searched on Wednesday for the people they lost as the death toll of one of Japan’s strongest typhoons increased to 74. NHK said many residents were killed by floods, as many rivers rushed down their shoreline.

Public radio NHK said that 12 people were missing and over 220 injured following a weekend in which Typhoon Hagibis hit the Japanese archipelago. 52 rivers flooded over the eastern half of Honshu’s main island.

The residents of Fukushima province are busy dumping infected mold and garbage to the roads, with the largest number of casualties. Most elderly persons were unable to clean up their homes in evacuation centers.

In Date, not far from the nuclear disaster site in 2011, the farmer Masao Hirayama filled his neighborhood rubbish mound with damp books on the road.

He said the water in his house was about 2 meters deep when he and his son were rescued by a ship and taken to a place for evacuation.

In 1989, Hirayama said that, after a 1986 flood, he had restored his home. His family plans to live on the second floor until he has the opportunity to make repairs he estimates can take three months.

The government will spend 710 million Yen (Dollars 6.5 million) on disaster relief, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said.

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