Jane De Leon trains the role of “Darna”


When Jane De Leon was a graduate schoolgirl, she was walking her house pretending to be flying on a wet-market plastic winged headpiece. She also said like Darna, inspired by the iteration of the icon for television by Angel Locsin.

She wanted to be just like her, but she admitted that those aspirations were a child’s pipe dream to attack the bad guys and act as a model.

But there were hearings open, seeking to replace Liza Soberano, the wounded, and she tried–for the villain first.

She was informed that she might be better fitted and followed suit in Darna mould. She got through the first audition, then the second and, finally, she met with ABS-CBN’s big bosses.

Training is first on her agenda: Muay Thai is her option of fitness, and she said she wants to gain weight and tone.

But eventually, and beyond this being a victory for her career, De Leon shared that she wanted to use this enormous platform she gained to advance a advocacy close to her: awareness of mental health.

She disclosed that she suffered from both of them, and she understands that overcoming them is likely more hard than preventing a villain.

De Leon was a unanimous choice for the role, according to the director of the planned “Darna” movie, Jerrold Tarog, as it fits the idea they had of the superhero they wanted to show.

Revealing that there was a shortlist of seven actresses, down from more than 200 females who auditioned, Tarog continued that it was about who could take the position.

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