Isko inspects the Manila Hospital


Manila Mayor Isko Moreno performed early unannounced inspections around Manila. The mayor can be seen checking the scenario at the Ospital ng Maynila in Malate and proceeded to the Divisoria market.

Moreno stated that he chose to inspect the hospital equipment as well as its patients and staff in what he called a post-SONA visit as he did two days after President Rodrigo Duterte’s 4th State of the Nation Address last Monday.

Much has enhanced in the healthcare facility for the mayor who grew up in Manila compared to what he remembered he grew up with.

Moreno also roamed the Divisoria market and found a few suppliers who did not comply with the regulations. The mayor also pointed out the stalls lining the trash.

Throughout his rove on Tuesday night, Moreno can be heard on evaluating the application of traffic rules and taking note of the license plates of several trucks parked along a road in Tondo.

One driver, whose truck was parked on a bridge, was faced by the mayor who stopped to inform him that under the bridge he was endangering all the individuals.

As the driver attempted to apologize, he was very near to losing patience.

Mayor Isko Moreno continues to inspect the whole manila and is eager to bring change.

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