Ion Perez meets Vice Ganda’s families

Ion Perez

Vice Ganda and Ion Perez collected their respective families in one room in the recent hint of their real-life romance, taking pictures that circulated among the alleged couple’s supporters.

Vice Ganda’s snaps with his mom Rosario Viceral along with Perez’s own extended family created rounds among fan pages devoted to ViceIon.

They were drawn from a certain Dianne W. Perez’s Facebook article. The album was captioned as: “Family with Vice Ganda.” Perez, who comes from Concepcion, Tarlac, is the 11th of 15 siblings.

His late father was a jeepney driver, while his mother worked for a time as a kakanin vendor, Perez said in a March interview.

The family meeting on Monday is not the first time that Vice Ganda and Perez met the family members of each other. As soon as November 2018, when the elderly Perez visited the studio “It’s Showtime,” Perez introduced his mom, Zeny, to the comedy superstar.

A comparable conference took place in March 2019, when the sibling of Mrs. Viceral and Vice Ganda, Emma, was among the noontime program audience participants. At the moment, Perez playfully requested approval from the Viceral females to have a place in the core of Vice Ganda.

Two months later, during a vacation in Canada, Perez was photographed with the family of Vice Ganda, including Mrs. Viceral, in May.

While speculation concerning their status has swirled for months, Vice Ganda and Perez have yet to formally confirm being a pair. However, they are the permanent object of teasing on “It’s Showtime,” where their playful interactions began in September 2018.

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