Interchanging: Dela Rosa believes anti-terrorism legislation will also ‘impact’ drug war on PH


Citing an “interchanging relationship” between drug lords and terror groups, the former top cop and now Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa believes that the newly signed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 would also have an “effect” in tackling the drug problem in the country.

As an example, Dela Rosa cited earlier intelligence reports that showed that drug lords, whom the authorities were tailing in Metro Manila at the beginning of the drug war, were “seeking shelter” from suspected terror groups.

The senator further noted that at the height of the 2017 Marawi siege, government troops were also able to retrieve what was thought to be drug money.

Government troops clashed with the Abu Sayyaf Maute Group’s militant forces on May 23, 2017, who were joined by foreign jihadists. The battle continued for five months until Oct. 17, the city was officially liberated. In view of this, their operational troops have been able to recover huge sums of money at the height of Marawi siege, and the money is suspected to be drug money. So in their drug situation, the Anti-Terror Act really does have an effect.

The recently signed legislation repeals the 2007 Human Security Act (HSA) and punishes those who advocate, threaten, conspire, engage in the planning, training, preparation, and facilitation of a terrorist act; including those who provide logistical support to terrorists and enlist members into a terrorist organization.

In fact, The bill had been met with widespread opposition over concerns that the legislation would trigger human rights abuses and suppress dissent before it was passed into law.

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