Instagram bans fictional suicide quotes

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A ban on photos that could encourage suicide or self-harm, adding sketches and other fictional material to the list, was ramped up by fresh rules in place.

After a British teen who went online to read about suicide took her own life, the Facebook-owned photo and video sharing site clamped down on self-injury pictures earlier this year.

Instagram has never permitted posts promoting or encouraging self-harm or suicide.

With the rule change early this year, Instagram started removing references to non-graphic content related to people getting hurt from their search and recommendation apps.

It also banned self-harm-related hashtags— words with a “#” that mark a trending topic.

The steps are intended to make it easier for troubled teenagers to seek these videos that might have suicidal tendencies.

Molly Russell, a British teen, took her own life in her 2017 home. The social media profile of the 14-year-old showed that she followed depression and suicide pages.

The case ignited a vigorous debate in Britain about parental control and children’s state regulation.

According to Mosseri, people doing self-harmed related searches at Instagram will be sent online resources or local hotlines, such as the British Samaritans or Papyrus or the US National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Instagram announced that the company “reduced the exposure of or added sensitivity screens” to over 834,000 pieces of content in the three months following the policy change.

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