In the Undas letter, Duterte encourages Christians to reinforce their faith, to maintain their values

This image is about President Rodrigo Duterte urged Christians

On Friday, President Rodrigo Duterte urged Christians to reinforce their faith in the celebration of the Day of All Saints and All Souls.

In his letter, Duterte said that he hoped that this would encourage the Filipino Christian community to reinforce their faith and to uphold traditions “as we deepen our ties as a country.”

The President also wished everyone a “solemn” and “meaningful observance.” Duterte visited his parents ‘ grave at the Davao City Cemetery.

Last year, Duterte issued a statement asking the Filipinos to’ emulate’ the saints for their’ virtuous example’ only to call them’ stupid’ and’ drunkard’ in a situation briefing on the effects of typhoon Rosita in Isabela.

The President has consistently justified his indignation at his criticism of the Christian faith.

Born and raised a Catholic, Duterte called God “stupid,” challenged the characters of the Last Supper, dismissed the story of creation in the Bible, and cast doubt on the idea of original sin.

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