In Lagusnilad, DILG denounces vandalism

This image is about DILG denounces vandalism

The Interior and Local Government Ministry condemned the attack on the Lagusnilad underpass wall on Thursday.

In a statement, undersecretary Jonathan Malaya, spokesman for DILG, stressed that other groups may resort to expressing their views and social concerns in other ways.

Panday Sining, a cultural group, has already apologized for writing a protest statement on the underpass wall, recently cleared of illegal vendors.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno was irritated by the action of the group as he also warned that those who are caught writing on the wall will be made to lick their writings.

He also called on the Philippine National Police to apprehend violators, noting that under Article 327 of the Revised Penal Code, vandalism is a form of malicious mischief.

The official of the DILG also indicated that organizations should be active in clean-up drives, anti-smoking programs, and other important activities.

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