In 18 years ‘ media, suspected arsonist scheduled Japan’s worst mass assassination


A person suspected of torching an animation studio in western Japan screamed he’d been plagiarized and seemed to have planned the attack, media said Friday after a blaze that murdered 33 individuals in Japan’s worst mass murder in two centuries.

The 41-year-old guy seemed to be unhappy, he seemed to get upset, shouting something about how he had been plagiarized.

Before dousing the entrance to Kyoto Animation headquarters with what appeared to be petrol, the unknown person screamed “Die!” and set it on fire around 10:30 a.m.

The blaze murdered 33 individuals and another 10 individuals were in critical condition, officials said late Thursday in the worst mass killing in Japan since a suspected arson attack in Tokyo murdered 44 individuals in 2001. Police searched for hints through the building’s smoldering shell.

NHK showed footage of what it said seemed to be the suspect lying on his back on the floor as he spoke to a police officer, shoeless and with what appeared to be burns on his correct arm below the knee.

The studio sits between two train lines close to a stream amid houses and small apartment blocks, a few stores and a taxi company parking lot. The area was cordoned off on Friday morning. A few of the original 30 or so firetrucks remained in the streets but with their lights off. Some firefighters appeared to still be dousing the smoldering building.

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