If Virus Cases Reach 85 K, NCR Can Return to Stricter Quarantine in Manila

Manila to a tighter lockdown

The return of Metro Manila to a tighter lockdown system is possible if the number of COVID-19 cases exceeds 85,000 by July 31, said Malacañang Wednesday.

Answering a question of whether the nation’s capital area will possibly revert to a stiffer category of quarantine if cases exceed 85,000 by the end of this month. In a recently published report, the University of the Philippines experts is expecting 85,000 infections and 2,000 deaths by the end of this month, if the pattern of new cases persists.

Moreover, that is a definite possibility, but it’s a possibility that they wouldn’t want to happen because they all know that although they need to control the epidemic, they do need to restart the Filipino’s livelihood.

Roque also expressed trust that the Filipinos would collaborate in their health care to protect their livelihoods and sustain Metro Manila in its current quarantine status. He thinks the message was well received by the Filipinos that they just need to take care of their well being so that they can move on and try anew ‘no ‘ to prosperity. So, indeed, it is possible to return to MECQ [modified enhanced Community quarantine] or to quarantine more stringent. He hopes it will not happen though,” he went on.

Many of the country’s regions, like Metro Manila, are either under quarantine by the general community or a modified quarantine by the general community. Cebu City is the country’s lone town, which is put under MECQ. As of Tuesday, the country’s number of COVID-19 cases exceeded 70,764, with 1,837 deaths and 23,281 recoveries.

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