Here’s a story to remind you that not everything that glitters is gold


Residents believe a small stream near the ruins of the old church of St. Francis of Assisi has gold — the very gold they supposed was used to build the church.

Biringan in Samar sounds like a fairytale. Believed to be populated by fairies, spirits, and otherworldly beings, the rich Samar town is also believed to hold a treasure of gold.

So, when “Gardo,” not his real name, chanced upon a few stones that were seemingly gleaming with gold from the stream, he quickly went to his sister “Maria”.

They thought their luck was about to change for the better, but first, they knew they needed to pacify the spirits of the stream. He brought food offerings to them.

“We believe there’s a lot of gold there,” Maria stated on TV program, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

“We accepted the stones because they were given to us. These elementals do not show up unless they want to give something,” she added.

They held on to the stones, keeping it a secret from the others, and treating it like treasure.

Such was their belief that this was gold so Maria moved all the way to Manila just to get her belief verified.

Maria went to the Department of Mining at the University of the Philippines and got it examined. During the first three tests, the results were negative. A tinge of gold, however, was detected during the fourth examination.

But to be sure, they ran another set of tests the next day, and the results were also negative for gold.

Experts thought that the gold detected during the fourth examination was just a contaminant from previous tests of other legitimate gold samples.

The siblings thought the stones would bring them fortunes. But the tests all came up negative.

However, if there’s anything they learned from this experience— it’s the fact that not everything that glitters is gold.

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