Grand Videoke marks twenty years with the Symphony SE Pro Plus

Grand Videoke marks twenty years with the Symphony SE Pro Plus

Filipinos’ love affair with karaoke is known worldwide. But as fond of the activity as we are as a nation, owning your own videoke system at home wasn’t very popular until just about two decades ago. This development in the industry was started in 1999, whenever the latest brand of portable videoke microphones called WOW! Videoke was introduced in the country.

What made the product appealing was its simplicity and then convenience. After all, you simply plug the device to your TV and start singing. The brand’s partnership with the Department of Tourism proved to be beneficial. By using beautiful Philippine sceneries and tourist destinations as picture backgrounds , not only did WOW! Videoke helped promote tourism, it handled a chord with Filipinos here and then abroad as it gave a sense of household and pleasure when using the product. The product became popular and the landscape of the industry has never been the same.

After nearly a decade since its own launch, WOW! Videoke would further revolutionize the industry by introducing a completely new premium sub-brand. Initially called WOW! Premium, it was eventually rebranded to Grand Videoke in 2013. The brand focused on providing the latest innovations to the consumer. Grand Videoke would be instrumental in bringing numerous firsts, like the highly-touted Voice Command feature. Today, Grand Videokeremains to be the most improved videoke brand.

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