Grace Poe proposes premium trains to travelers who are able to afford MRT, LRT

This image is about Grace Poe proposes premium trains

Senator Grace Poe on Thursday suggested that the MRT and the LRT lines began the designation of premium coaches for those who could allow themselves to pay P200 to P300 in exchange for extra convenience, to try and find “out-of-the-box” solutions for Metro Manila’s troubles.

During the 2020 budget hearing of the Department of Transport, Poe said car owners who can afford the price can opt-out of their cars and take their MRT or LRT.

Poe compared her suggestion that airline flights should have first-class seats.

Secretary Arthur Tugade of Transport said the agency is going to explore how to implement this proposal in MRT and LRT lines. He said there are already three classes of fresh Philippine National Railways (PNR) under building: normal, company, and first-class.

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