“Go Urges DICT to Build E-Governance Systems Which Will Help PH to Achieve New Normal”


The Information and Communications Technology Department (DICT) should take the lead in developing efficient e-governance systems so that the country could settle into a “better normal” as it continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go made the claim in a statement released on Sunday, recalling how the pandemic had caused people to shift to e-commerce and also to study digitally to restrict face-to-face purchases.

He said that it’s crucial that this move to the digital era does not leave the country behind. Because of COVID-19, interactions which will usually be done face-to-face need to change. Making the transition is also important for the Government. Adding that they should adopt more effective, more responsive, and more modern ways of dealing with the citizens. This should render the policy more attuned to the rising times.

He remembered that citizens have been stressed about the old governance model for a long time, in which it would take them days to receive a basic permit to be physically present at a government office. The old government-service structure will not survive. So he wants to aspire for a ‘new standard.’ Telling that they will look after the citizens, particularly in these days, who need support. Making their service speedier and not contribute to their misery.

He then listed the different exchange rates at which e-governance structures can prove to be beneficial – government-to-government, government-to-citizen, and business-to-government. Due to the pandemic, government-to-government procedures, such as transfers between two government departments, are seriously hindered because the social distancing and quarantine measure in effect to prevent the dissemination of the virus physically hinder us.

He stated that this will be easily resolved if they have e-governance platforms in place that would enable coordination and transactions within the government to be carried out in an efficient, timely and cost-effective way.

Meanwhile, Go said that if government-to – citizen platforms were available, Filipinos need not go to their offices when they need to transact with the government for public services. In addition, Go also emphasized the need to develop the capacity for e-governance in government-to-business transactions to ensure the country’s economic operation will be smooth in the midst of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, he emphasized that these undertakings would not be feasible in the country without timely and efficient internet connectivity.

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