Full-blast dredging of Manila Bay starts

Full-blast dredging of Manila Bay starts

Approximately 225,000 cubic meters of silt is planned to be filtered from the 1.5-kilometer stretch of Manila Bay. Stretching from the Manila Yacht Club breakwater to the United States Embassy in Manila.

Public Works Secretary Mark Villar made the statement on Tuesday as his department began its desilting operations on the bay. Villar added that amphibious excavators, dumping scows, dump trucks, debris segregators, street sweepers and vacuum sewer jet cleaners were being positioned in the area and other strategic locations.

“This event marks the full-blast dredging within this critical section of Manila Bay,” Villar stated. “our Bureau of Equipment, Regional and District Engineering Offices in Metro Manila have deployed a total of 28 equipment and 50 personnel to operate 16 hours a day, six days a week.

“Excavation will be the major mechanism for the removal of the accumulated pollutants on Manila Bay. Through our crew and equipment fleet, we aim to desilt within 150 meters from the shoreline of Manila Bay,” Villar added. Expecting to collect 600 cubic meters of silt a day.

DPWH-BOE Director Toribio Noel Ilao said the desilting actions five sections, each ranging from 200 to 300 meters long until the 1.5-kilometer Each section is planned to be desilted within 90 to 120-day schedule.

Public Works will synchronize with the Environment department and the Philippine Coast Guard in monitoring Manila Bay with the depths to be measured and water quality tested. The department shall clean up and declutter the tributaries and canals in the city as well.

City Mayor Joseph Estrada stated they are in full support the restoration of Manila Bay and applauded the administration for it.

Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu added they will be using sewer inspection cameras that will classify the establishments releasing untreated water to the bay. “These cameras will determine where this wastewater flowing into the bay is coming from,” he concluded.

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