‘Formidable’ Pacman now at Las Vegas

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao arrived at Las Vegas on Monday just when the town started to light up.

Once again, he will headline Saturday night (Manila Sunday) along with the likes of Sin City stars David Copperfield and Barry Manilow. Among those adorning the gigantic marquees on gleaming houses around the strip were their faces.

The people’s champ stated that he just want to maintain his name at the top of his boxing career and continue it. He added that he already achieved what he  want to achieve in boxing.

It’s evident that the 40-year-old boxing megastar and a republic senator back home knows very well that he’s on an extended blockbuster career run.

This time around, it’s the brash, unbeaten Keith Thurman who hopes to be the ideal foil when they clash here for the WBA welterweight crown at MGM Grand.

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