“Focus on Health System Before the Number of Infection”

highest number of COVID-19 cases

The World Health Organization pointed out that it was “not relevant” that the Philippines now accounted for the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the Western Pacific region as it emphasized that instead, the focus should be on ensuring that the health system in the country is not overloaded.

While the Philippines currently has the most cases in the region, Dr. Takeshi Kasai, regional director of the WHO Western Pacific, admitted that the government was able to avoid a “significant number of infections” and deaths, and also stopped the health system from being overwhelmed when it decided to lock the country down during the earliest phase of the pandemic in March.

According to Kasai, it is not relevant how much the cases of the Philippines account in the Western Pacific. However, what is crucial is that if these figures shift in the direction that the health-care facilities are overwhelmed. He also added We haven’t really seen the number overwhelmed their health-care facilities so far.

Kasai acknowledged that the Philippines had “continuously strengthened its ability” in areas such as research, touch tracing, and case management. Kasai said

He thinks that continuing to improve that capacity is very important for the government. And also to keep engaging with the people, help them to uphold their good behavior,

The Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19, which groups more than 160 medical organizations representing more than a million health workers, said it had seen improvements in the coronavirus response during the two-week lockdown.

However, with the efforts of the government, The DOH listed 53,665 active cases, of which 91.5% were mild, 6.2% asymptomatic, 0.9% severe, and 1.3% critical. It said it had recovered 182 more patients, bringing the total number of COVID-19 survivors to 112,861 with death amounting to 2,687.

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