Fire raids on the ground in Kidapawan City

This image is about Fire raids on the ground in Kidapawan City

There are at least 12 establishments in the city were destroyed by an early fire on Friday, a fire officer said.

City Fire Marshal Captain Marjorie Resurreccion said the fire began in an internet cafe shop owned by a certain Don Silver De Leon on Datu Ingkal Street, right in front of a college institution run by the Church.

At 2 a.m. past, the fire was seen engulfing business establishments, razing to the ground some of the structures, including a carenderia, a boarding house, a print shop, and houses— with estimated initial damage of P1.5 million.

According to her, they still have to ascertain the cause of the fire, but ruled out the possibility that it would start in an open ground where there would be piles of unused lumber and garbage.

On the upper level of the building was the Astro’s Internet Shop, which was completely destroyed, and below it was a boarding house.

Witnesses informed us that there was a party in the boarding house on Thursday night and there may be other possible causes of the fire other than faulty electrical wiring.

Authorities declared fire under control at 4:10 a.m. and fire out at about 5 a.m.

This November’s Friday dawn fire was the fifth in the city, data from the Fire Protection Bureau (BFP) showed.

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