Fake cosmetic surgeon arrested in Pasay City

Fake cosmetic surgeon arrested in Pasay City

A bogus doctor who supposedly performed cosmetic surgery at a hotel has been detained by the Pasay City police on Thursday.

Suspect Crisanto Ordoño was caught in the act performing surgery after the police found him in the hotel. Right beside him were his supposed set of surgical equipment.

Pasay police started a manhunt for Ordoño after one of the suspect’s clients, identified only as “Karen,” sought after authorities after having herself been injected with silicone treatments around 10 times. As a result, Karen had several wounds on her chest area.

Karen’s expenditures for the cosmetic procedures reached up to P150,000.

“He injected some form of liquid silicone on my breast area, face and buttocks, I thought we were going to his clinic. If he indeed were a legitimate doctor.”  ‘Karen’ described.

She added she started having doubts when she was taken to his home instead.

Karen warned others who intend to undergo cosmetic surgery to check the credentials of medical consultants. Ordoño, meanwhile declined for comments.

Pasay City Police are considering filing a fraudulent case against the suspect with grounds of misrepresentation and medical malpractice.

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