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The volcano that gave rise to the Apolaki caldera, the largest in the world, does not pose a danger of eruption, said PHIVOLCS manager Renato Solidum.

According to Chino Gaston, Solidum stated that the volcano erupted millions of years ago.

Recently, the marine geophysicist Jenny Anne Barretto of Pinay and a group of two scientists discovered the Apolaki caldera in Benham Rise.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) describes the caldera as a large basin-shaped volcanic depression caused by the collapse of the surface when large volumes of magma are ejected from the magma chamber of the volcano.

According to Barretto, the Apolaki caldera was created by an underwater volcano with a diameter of 150 km.

This is equal to the distance from Quezon City to Paniqui, Tarlac, she said in the 24th Oras report.

Asked about the possibility of oil in the field where the caldera was located, Solidum said it was unlikely.

In order for the region to be rich in oil, the volcano must be above water or there should be forests around it adding that the place where the caldera was discovered did not have any of those features.

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