Enrique Gil stopped working for more than a month to be with Liza Soberano in USA


Liza Soberano expressed her appreciation to boyfriend Enrique Gil for sacrificing job to maintain her business in the United States.

In order to treat a finger injury, the actress had to remain in the US for three months. She informed her manager Ogie Diaz that Gil went to visit with his sister Andie and that he remained with her for more than a month.

She said Gil talked to his handler to move his work projects so he could be with her.

She confessed feeling homesick and was pleased to have playmates in the Gil brothers with whom she played video games and board games. Soberano was also able to take in California’s sights with them and her family.

Now that she’s back, she and Gil fondly referred to fans as LizQuen, will shortly be working on a telescope, which she says is a romantic comedy. She said they’re taking language lessons for it.

Even if they were able to spend time abroad, Gil made sure she had a grand homecoming. Soberano arrived home on Monday to a surprise that Gil helped organize.

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