Edu Manzano votes in San Juan amid Comelec disqualification


Edu Manzano was able to cast his vote at Xavier School in San Juan City on Monday morning. The actor-politician is seeking a post in congress as San Juan representative.

A division noted Manzano was born to Filipino parents in San Francisco, California cited September 1955, “making him both a citizen of the Philippines and of the United States of America.”

They also noticed that Manzano had served in the US military before returning to the Philippines in the 1990s.

Manzano exclaimed that he was born in the United States not by choice, making his American citizenship automatic. He denied as well that voluntary joining of the US military.

“I never voluntarily joined. I was drafted,” stated during an interview. Manzano stated during that time he was just 17 years old and the Vietnam War was ongoing.

He added that he had informed the US embassy in the past about his intention to give up his citizenship to run for local office but has not done the process of signing an oath of renunciation.

“If the court felt it would not be enough for me signing my certificate of candidacy then of course I would have to do it,” he added.

Manzano’s name remains in the ballot despite the Comelec decision, and he continued to campaign until the last day politicians were allowed to.

Manzano cites that if he wins the elections, he hopes to bring in a new brand of politics in San Juan.

“I would like to be the kind of congressional representative who would like to make amends, join hands with the local government unit and work together to make a more progressive San Juan,” he concluded.

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