“Duterte’s Oligarchy Denuated in PH without Declaration of Martial Law”


President Rodrigo Duterte said he had abolished oligarchy in the Philippines without declaring martial law, and promised that the remaining years of his presidency would be tough on oligarchs.

Sulu aired in a filmed speech in Jolo, Duterte said he can now die happy realizing he’s “dismantled” oligarchy in the nation he’s alleged has milked Filipinos and also abused the economy and elections for years now.

He then warned that his administration’s remaining years would be rough on oligarchs. Duterte made the remark after the statutory franchise subcommittee of the House of Representatives agreed to deny the demand for franchises from broadcasting giant ABS-CBN.

On 5 May, after the expiry of its statutory concession, ABS-CBN was required to be shut down in compliance with the shutdown order of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

The NTC order followed ongoing public rants by Duterte against the Lopez-owned television network that he had previously lambasted for not airing his 2016 presidential campaign ads. Duterte said in a speech on Dec. 3, 2019, that he would see to it that the demand for a franchise from ABS-CBN is denied.

Duterte even vowed to bring a bribery lawsuit in December of last year against Metro Manila water concessionaire firms Manila Water and Maynilad for supposedly implementing onerous deals with the city.

Duterte also stated that last month that the water concessionaires would have to spend billions of pesos to the government and embrace the latest agreements offered by his administration, or else they will face charges.

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