Duterte to inform the public of the results of the clinical consultation

This image is about Duterte to inform the public

President Rodrigo Duterte will make public the findings of a medical examination on his back pain, which prompted him to shorten his trip to Japan.

Duterte was scheduled to see a neurologist within a day after he complained on Tuesday of “unbearable pain” in his spinal column near the pelvic area that the Palace had attributed to his motorcycle accident last week.

The purpose of his visit with the doctor is to assess the medical condition of his body, as well as to find out whether his prior spinal injury due to a previous motorcycle accident has been exacerbated by his recent fall.

On October 16, Duterte fell from his motorcycle inside the Malacañang Complex, resulting in minor injuries, particularly light bruises and mild scratches, to his elbow and knee.

The incident did not stop the 74-year-old leader from performing his public duties, including his meeting with Indian President Ram Nath Kovind last Friday and attending the inauguration ceremony of Japan’s Emperor Naruhito in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Duterte decided not to attend the Enthronement banquet and opted to return to the Philippines on Tuesday night due to back pain.

Panelo claimed that the public “should not be apprehensive about the wellbeing of the President.” Duterte’s health has been the subject of much speculation, but Malacañang has consistently downplayed these worries.

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